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Stem Camps

Stem Learning - Stem Camps

The PGST Education department has been promoting hands-on and cultulally inspired science-based learning for S’Klallam students with STEM camps throughout the year. The pictured 2018 Winter science camp focused on alternative energy sources. S’Klallam Middle Schoolers (left) are helping install solar lighting in one of the sunniest areas of the beach, the hill up from Point Juila beach at Jake Jones Park, a very popular barbeque and celebration area for tribal members.

Another science camp focused on the community garden, planting native species and learning about in-ground well systems.

We thank: The Russell Family Foundation whose educational support has been invaluable

Places of Importance-Youth Services and Culture Departments

National Park Service

The Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe is on of Twenty-one Indigenous organizations, schools, and nonprofits who have been awarded travel funds for trips to national park units across 12 states/territories within the United States.

These trips will emphasis the importance of place in S’Klallam history, culture and current well-being. Youth taking part in Places of Importance trips will be encouraged to encounter the land their ancestors roaming, lived in, hunted and gathered in.

To learn more about this grant, visit:

We thank: Hopa Mountain and the National Park Service